S2 – Sleep Apnea Troubleshooting

Sleep Apnea


Learning to deal with ‘when things don't go as planned‘ with oral appliance therapy.

Dental Sleep Medicine Troubleshooting

 The Sleep Apnea Troubleshooting Workshop helps dentists GO BEYOND THE CHALLENGES of growing their Dental Sleep Medicine practices.

We hope you left our Sleep Apnea Implementation workshop feeling absolutely prepared to implement sleep apnea therapy into your practice.  We know, though, that there will be times when you need more and are ready to keep growing.

This workshop will cover many of the troubleshooting your practice needs to know:

  1. What if an appliance doesn't work for a patient?
  2. What if you have trouble with medical billing?
  3. What if you have a hard time marketing your newly integrated therapy?
  4. What about pediatric cases?
  5. What about unforeseen circumstances?

Let us help you avoid the hassles and skip straight to smooth sailing!

It's Time To Get In the Game And Serve A Untapped Market!

You're starting to realize that sleep apnea patients are walking in and out of your practice each day.  But you catch yourself asking How Do I Get Started...?

Expanded services, like oral appliance therapy, is a great way to increase revenue from your existing patient base.

Advancements in digital technology has made this procedure a team driven process.

Health Affects of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Going Outside Your Dental Practice

How do you get your message outside your dental practice & bring in referral patients?

Learn From A Sleep Physician

We bring in a sleep physician to help you deep-dive into the science of sleep and collaborating with physicians.

Fighting Medical Insurance

Learn common denials and how to overcome and prevent them to help you get paid faster and better.

Appliance Therapy Complications

Don't get freaked out by side effects and/or unforeseen complications.  Learn how to get beyond them.

What You Will Learn

Non Responsive Patients

Learn how to troubleshoot cases where your patients aren't getting optimal results with appliance therapy.

Side Effects

Understand how to deal with and minimize common side effects like joint and muscle issues.

Medical Billing

Dealing with medical billing challenges such as denials, necessary documentation, and other roadblocks.

Advanced Sleep Science

Expand your scientific knowledge base on topics such as weight gain, phenotypes, and low arousal threshold.

Pediatric Airway

Learn a great starting point for pediatric airway development with removable therapy.

Developing Referrals

Learn how to effectively market and set your practice apart to build referrals from medical practices.

— 3D Retreat

Learning Experience Unmatched in Dentistry

Our 10 acre retreat focuses on creating an immersive experience where like minded dentists can learn the latest skills, engage in after course conversations, and make life long friends.

We are not only providing world class education, we are providing dentists inspiration to Succeed at Work and Win at Life.

Sleep Apnea Troubleshooting Instructors

Dr. Erin Elliott

The Queen of Good Air! Ready to help you implement dental sleep medicine.

Nationally recognized author, speaker, and amateur rap artist who is passionate about helping more dentists enjoy the growing field of dental sleep medicine.

Dr. Elliott practices in Post Falls, Idaho where she provides a full scope of general dentistry and has a special interest in dental sleep medicine.

You'll love her energy and passion for dental sleep medicine!

Course Case Studies

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A great experience. Guaranteed.

We know how to make dental education inspiring and informative, while keeping it fun. If you are unhappy with your experience, we will be happy to refund your tuition.

Course FAQ

We want you to feel confident addressing all the scenarios that come up with sleep treatment, not just the ideal cases. 


You’ll walk away feeling confident in handling whatever may come your way — side effects, adjunctive therapy, coordinating care, pediatric treatment, etc.  Get energized & invigorated!

This course is designed for you and your “Sleep Champion”.  The person in your practice who is in charge of sleep treatment should absolutely be at this course.

Being more confident in your ability to deliver treatment will improve case acceptance. 


We want to bring more value to the treatment you’re providing.  We’ll also help you solidify and improve your workflow.

Please call us at (855) 332-2285 and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have!

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