Fully Guided Surgery with CEREC Guide and BioHorizons


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For years our practice has been using an integrated workflow with CEREC and 3D CBCT to provide digital implant dentistry.  This is accomplished with the in office milled CEREC Guide.  The main knock against the CEREC Guide has been the lack of fully guided implant placement.

While CEREC Guide has offered guided osteotomy, it has lacked the ability to place implants through the guide with a truly fitted implant driver.  Well that is about to change.

TruAbutment makes a keyless guided implant drill kit specifically for CEREC Guide.  It is a series of universal drills designed to fit the ‘S' hole of the guide.  TruAbutment also makes metal sleeves that convert the ‘M' hole to an ‘S' hole for drilling.  I have been very pleased with the system and have gotten to know the folks at TruAbutment over the years.

Recently, I asked them to make a implant mount that fit the CEREC Guide for my implant of choice – BioHorizons.  They were kind enough to oblige and sent me a prototype.

Case Presentation

The Sales Pitch

Are you already placing implants and own CEREC and CBCT and would like to take control of your implant process using this workflow then DS2 3D Implant Integration is the workshop for you.  This workshop will walk you through step by step how to properly plan an implant using a ‘crown down' approach, design and mill your in office surgical guide, utilize CEREC Guided implant placement, and capture/design in office screw retained restorations.

And, of course, if you are new to implants and want to the safe start to implant dentistry utilizing digital dentistry then the Digital Implant Continuum is perfect for you.  This multi-session program provides you with LIVE PATIENT in depth experience on digital implant dentistry.

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